TSKL Launch first 3G/LTE network in the Pacific Islands

Members of the public eagerly queue to purchase a subscription on TSKL’s new 3G/LTE network

Tarawa, Kiribati, October 29, 2013: Teannaki Tongaua, CEO of TSKL today officially launched TSKL’s 3G/LTE network – the first Pacific Island nation to launch such a service.

There has seen a build up of excitement and anticipation for the last few months. The people of Tarawa keenly awaited the introduction of wireless broadband services. For the first time they can surf the web, use applications such Facebook, Twitter and other social networking services from their mobile devices.

“The wait is over for the people of Kiribati” commented Mr Tongaua. “For the first time we have access to the very latest mobile technology, bringing our remote island nation closer to our business partners, friends and family in the region and the rest of the world”

Kamal Sabbagh from Challenge Networks, gives a demonstration of the new network to members of parliment and officials from the Australian and New Zealand government.

Kamal gives a demonstration of the new 3G/LTE network to members of parliament and officials from the Australian and New Zealand government.

“We are very proud to provide TSKL with the very latest technology” commented Kamal Sabbagh from Challenge Networks. “With our partners at Lemko Corporation, we have scaled a 3G/LTE solution to meet the unique challenges of remote communities. With Lemko’s patented distributed mobile architecture, we can provide a full service 3G/LTE network at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems. We also hide much of the complexity, by providing a simple Web interfaces to manage the operation and maintenance of the network”.

Challenge Networks and their partner Lemko Corporation (USA), provide 3G/LTE wireless network solutions.