Today it has been announced that Challenge Networks is one of almost 40 finalists for the Edison Awards, CommsDay’s telecom industry award program, to be held on Wednesday May 30th Westin Hotel ballroom, Sydney

The Edisons goal is to identify the best-of-breed businesses, organisations and individuals in each recognised industry vertical market and honour them publicly.

Challenge Networks in one of four finalists in the heavily contested category of “Best Internet of Things/Machine 2 Machine company”.  Challenge Networks is competing against Thinxtra, Telstra, Vodafone in this category.

“This is a further example of Challenge Networks, an Australian company, being recognised as a leader in M2M and competing with other industry leaders in the field” says Paul Ryder of Challenge Networks.

The categories in this year’s awards are:

  1. Best telecom marketing or PR initiative
  2. Best telecom law firm
  3. Best mobile device
  4. Best telecom core network vendor
  5. Best telecom software/ OSS vendor
  6. Best cloud provider
  7. Best fixed wireless operator
  8. Best virtual network operator
  9. Best IoT/M2M company
  10. Best satellite company
  11. Best broadband provider
  12. Best mobile operator
  13. CommsDay Hall Of Fame nominees