Challenge Networks offers a comprehensive range of Core Network Design, Build, Integration, Management and Optimisation services.

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Our in house System Test Plant Facility allows us to build the entire network node configuration, assemble all of the network element equipment and ensure the integrity of the network solution by undertaking pre-installation node configuration and testing prior to dis-assembly, repackaging and shipping to site.

We can also source and supply legacy hardware upon request and provide you with warranties and hardware support.


Challenge Networks offers a full range of design services including:

  • Data Collection – Customer Questionnaire, Network Information and specific Node Requirements
  • High Level and Detailed Design including Packet Switching, Acceptance Test Plan and 3PP Equipment Integration Plan
  • Design and Bill of Material (BoM) evaluation
  • Service Layer Design Evaluation
  • Formulation of Network Plans – Numbering, Routing, Charging, Services, Signaling, Core and Node IP, Synchronisation, Operations and Maintenance
  • Site Solution Engineering, Network Data and Pre Operational Configuration
  • Power Systems Dimensioning and Planning

Network Build

  • Core Node Installation, Test and Commissioning
  • Service Layer Node Installation and Test
  • Core Node and IP Configuration
  • Core Network and Node Expansions
  • HW/SW Upgrades and Updates
  • Co-ordination of Service Layer Node Configuration and Commissioning
  • Core Node Power and Miscellaneous Equipment installation (DDF, ODF, MDF and MUX)
  • Raised Flooring and Earthquake Bracing Installation
  • Co-ordination of 3PP provided Equipment Installation, Test and Commissioning

Network Integration

  • System and Core Network Integration
  • PLMN, PSTN and International Gateway Interconnects
  • BTS to BSC and Node B integration (includes Cell Site Data Preparation, Production, Load and Debug, Test of BTS site with on-site BTS Team)
  • Co-ordination with BTS and Transmission Implementation and Integration Teams
  • Co-ordination of all 3PP supplied Equipment (including SMS-C, VMail, Billing Platforms (Pre and Post paid, Customer Provisioning and Billing Mediation, IN Functions)
  • Core Network Integration Management and Co-ordination of all non Vendor 3PP Integration Activities
  • System and Core Network Acceptance Testing and Customer Sign-off
  • Management of Punch Lists as generated by Customers

Network Management

  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Network Operations Centre Staffing
  • Remote Maintenance and Support
  • Customer NOC Staff Training
  • NOC Procedures Development and Implementation
  • 24/7 Support Roster and Emergency Paging

Network Optimisation

  • Core and Service Layer Node Performance Audits
  • Site Quality Audits to ensure to Vendor Installation and Quality Standards